Friday, November 9, 2012

New Post, Last Post

So like um, I'm going to restart my blog, but not here. It's going to be over there at wordpress. You can find it by going here: Sorry I've just decided to do it and keep it fresh. Anyway, I used to blog here every day...for years. Then I got freaked out one day about personal info being on the interwebs and I deleted all my posts save one - the one about Griffin being born. But then a couple years later I started up again - even thought it was brief, as I've slacked off severely the past several months. But I miss it, and I've got stuff to say that may entertain and help others. So my last post here will be like the only one I've saved. It will be about the birth of Gwendolyn. That little pumpkin was born June 19, 2012. I'll post the specifics later, but it went pretty well.
It was a great success and the little tyke was quite chill when she came out. Just kind of looked around, she only cried when someone tickled her feet. She really enjoyed her first bath and even fell asleep during it.
She took to eating her milk right away and she had no problems whatsoever going potty right away (in her pants of course). We had lots of visitors at the hospital and it was great to see everyone who cared enough to come! The best visitor was Griffin though. That kid loves his little sister. He's been very gentle with her and loves entertaining her with his wild child behavior.
Oh, as for the name, we wanted something a little different (like Griffin) and decided to keep it old school and Welchy. According to wikipedia, The word "gwen" can mean "white", "fair" or "blessed". The word "dolen" can mean "ring", "bow" or less commonly "brow", "moon" or "hair". Thus, Gwendolyn may mean "White Ring", "Fair Brow" or any other combination. Which is funny, cause you know, she's half Filipino! But whatevs. Funny thing, at the hospital they said there's been a resurgence of really old names lately. I guess we're part of the new trend! Or maybe the originators! Anywhoodle, life keeps going, gotta live it up! Peace!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Firefly Run Dallas 2012

Sorry if you were holding your breath waiting for my latest blog post, but I was busy and had some logistical issues, so it's been a few days. I hope you aren't dead. Anyhoodle, it was another whirlwind weekend! Saturday was the first Saturday in like 9 months when I didn't have to get up at the bootycrack of dawn to go run with peeps. So I slept in all the way to about 8:39. Then I went for a nice little bike ride with a nasty little hill in the middle. Then I spent 5-6 hours pulling weeds. Then we had the Firefly Run 2012.

I wasn't expecting much of this race, but it ended up being a lot of fun. I hadn't signed up for the race because I thought 45 quid was a too much to pay for a 5k, but then my buddy Zack, who did register, couldn't run it - so I wore his chip. To be honest, I did a little pre race tailgating - but like I said, I wasn't expecting much from the race. I knew there were about 7000 people registered and lots of novice/new runners/walkers, so not the best conditions for a PR. So we decided to just have fun with it.

We wore costumes (I wore a cape, lame, but better than nothing) and my friend Mary in the Waldo outift asked to run with me. We didn't want to go too fast, but figured 8-830 mile pace would be good. We ended up running 8:28, so we were right on. Actually, the first mile was very slow due to all the people and walkers and mass of humanity. Lots of dodging and near crashes. After that, it cleared up a tiny bit, so we picked up the pace. I was glad I had Waldo to run with! (see pic at top of post)

After the race, we had a big tailgate at Luke's Locker. That was really good times. Drinks, dancing, twister, etc. We know how to do a race!

Anyway, I need to scoot cause I gots a soccer playoff game in an hour. More to come!


Monday, March 26, 2012

Rockin' 'N Rollin'

So I fell off the wagon a bit last week with this whole blogging thing. Sorry, but it was a busy time. Bad excuse, but whatever, I'm still trying to make this a habit, which I think takes doing it 30 times to form. Either way, here's my brief recap of the Dallas Rock n Roll Half Marathon from the weekend:

#1, it was hawt! Not hot by Texas standards, but I think it was definitely hotter than what we are used to so far this year. The sun was blazing! And since the race didn't start until 8am, the sun was already up and on us. I wish it had started at 7am - would've helped for sure!

#2, it was hillie! Not by other parts of the country's standards, but by these parts standards. The first 8 miles or so were up hill. A nice steady incline with a few peaks and valleys. The last miles were all downhill, but the incline up until that point took its toll on me. Between the hills and sun, I was hurting the last few miles and had to take a few walking breaks. I even used a pee break as an excuse for a quick rest - ha!

#3, I still finished! It was my slowest time for a half (1:56), but I'll take it. Everyone I talked to had the same struggles as me, so I guess it was even for everyone. My one friend (who's wife finished in 2nd place in the women's division) pointed out that I still finished in the top 10%. I hadn't thought of it that way, but that is a great way to look at it and makes me feel better about my performance.

#4, it was fun! Having a bunch of friends and families and supporters either running or cheering was huge! We had a rather large group of friends who all participated in one way or another. I love how my friends are all so fitness minded! Although.....

#5, after the race, we celebrated! A large group of us had a few bevvies in the parking lot after the race, then went to a patio for some brunch, though by the time we got a table, it was more like linner (props to Jennie for that joke). The food and mimosas were excellent and the company better. Though the opossum climbing on the shade arbor above us was a bit odd, but he didn't bother us, so it's all good.

(never mind my mean mug, I was just being silly for the photo)

#6, there were a few negatives about the event itself, like the start/finish being in different locations, the "headliner" concert was pretty spare, and the finishing area is a parking lot outside the Cotton Bowl (finishing inside would be a cool experience for runners and spectators alike), but overall the positives way outweigh the negatives, so I won't get into it any deeper here. Keep it positive, San Diego!

So there you go, another race in the books! Another medal on the hook! I'm tired and sore today, and need a rest, so I guess I'll take off until my soccer game tomorrow...ha! The hits keep on coming!

Peace out, internet!

Monday, March 12, 2012

I'v Decided to Re-Start

OK, here's the deal. I started this blog 4 or so years ago as a way to answer people's questions about my marathon training. I figured it was easier to just just send them a link of my daily blog instead of answering the same questions over and over. After the marathon, it turns out that I had other stuff in my branium that I felt I might as well share. So I started blogging about whatever the hecks I wanted to - could be fitness, could be travel, could be life, could be whatever.

I enjoyed all the writing. I enjoyed getting my creative side of my brainicle moving on a daily basis. But then it stopped. I don't remember what happened exactly, but once I got out of the habit, it was hard to start back up again. Then, about a year ago I had a slight freak out over having personal thoughts and info out there on the interwebs, so I deleted all but a handful of my blog posts. They are gone forevers.

Which brings us to now. I miss having the creative juicings. I have stuff I want to say. So I'm getting the blog back together.

It all starts with this one. I plan on keeping it up at least during the weekdays, so stay tuned. Get on me if I slack, but I don't plan to.

The revolution starts now. Life starts now. Let's do it now!