Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bet Weekend Ever!

OK, so I skipped a day of blogging. But I needed a break. It was one of the best, most exhausting, and energizing weekends of my time on this planet. At least it was in Scott World. If you read my previous post, then you know I was optimistic for the weekend...well, I was under-optimistic. It turned out better than I hoped.

Let's walk through this.

Friday: Since it was my birthday weekend, tons of restaurants had sent me email vouchers for free meals. It pays to be on mailing lists sometimes. So I went to La Finca Chicita and got the Mahi Mahi tacos tacos. They were awesome awesome. After work I went to a sports pub to meet up with the Ohio University Alumni Club to watch our opening round game in the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament. We were the underdawg playing against 4 seed Michigan. We won! Not only was the game great, but it was great seeing friends and sharing old college days stories. It's a wonder we ever made it out of Athens, Ohio alive. In fact, one alumnus from the 60's said he calls the university every so often to see if his diploma is still valid...ha! Oh, and I had free meal #2, courtesy of a birthday coupon!

Saturday: Woke up early for a 9 mile run with the Luke's crew. It was humid and sweaty, but everyone really rocked it! People were really booking it without killing ourselves. I ran the last 3-4 miles with friends Sarah and Chelsea at around a 7:45 per mile pace. Not too shabby! We should all be ready for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon this weekend!

After the run, I stopped at Rudy's BBQ to try their breakfast tacos...which.were.awesome. Showered (at home), then met up with Sarah and friend Patrick to head down to the big St. Pats party on Greenville Ave. The train ride down was packed. The parade was packed. The streets were packed. The parking lots were packed. Green as far as you can see. We met up with several new and old friends and had a swell ole time! We only stayed for a few hours, cause we had more to do! But let me tell you, the train ride back was nutso! The cars were packed with people singing and drinking. I felt like I was back in Ireland for a hot minute. When they drink over there, they sing over there.

After getting back home, Jennie, Grif and I went to the park down the street where my old company was having a reunion. I spent about 8 or 9 years making tv shows for that place, but it's been a few since I worked there. So it was VERY bizarre seeing all the old faces that I used to see on a daily basis. Wish I had more time to chat with everyone, but the show must go on!

Jennie dropped me off at Ringo's pub where my friend Greg was bartending. Met up with several old and new friends for some Guinness and chatter. Then Mini Kiss played. They were entertaining, but I'll save the review for now. Later Emerald City band played and we danced till close. I hadn't danced like that in a long time, and it felt good. Though I was sore afterwards. Cab ride home, and another Birthday Eve St. Pats was in the books. G'night!

Sunday: I went to yoga. Let me tell you, I am still hurting from that class! It was intense, but much needed! I highly recommend any class Christopher puts on for 24 Hr Fitness.

Afterwards, I picked up some tamales, guac, and a margarita for lunch. Yumbo! Then we loaded up the fams and went to Obzeet. If you haven't been or heard, it's quirky. Inside they sell Salt Lamps and Art, but they also have a bar and a cake bar. Outside they have a quirky garden patio with coi ponds, stage for singers, and a bar. We had a ton of friends show up and just had a blast hanging out with everyone. Such great peeps!

But it goes on...after the party wound down, Jennie, Grif, and I went to BW3 with friends Shane and girl Brett to watch the Ohio Bobcats second round game and eat some foods stuffs. They.Won.Again! The sweet 16!!!! First time in the modern tourny era! Last was 1964, but there were less teams competing then. Next up is #1 ranked North Crackalacka. I think we can pull it off too. Who knows??? Nobody is giving us a chance, but nobody gave us a chance to win either of the first two games (my alumnus friend was in Vegas for the Michigan-Bobcats game, and made some Bobcash!!!).

After the game, we went home and I plugged in the salt lamp that Greg bought me and I had a little dance party with Griffin to my Dashboard Confessional DVD. Don't hate on my music choice.

Oh, before going to bed I checked some sports scores that I missed and the Mavs beat the Spurs on Saturday! The only little blip on the weekend was FC Dallas ending their game in a tie, but at least they still get a point in the standings.

There was more awesomeness to the weekend, but this post would be even longer. So maybe I'll get to it later. Maybe not, I don't care at the moment cause I'm still riding the high from the weekend. As my dogs would say if they had an accent where they pronounce W's instead of B's, "Wow! Wow! Wow!"

Go Ohio Bobcats!

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