Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 2 of Forever

Yes! The streak continues since my restart my blogging yesterday. So far so good! Sorry for the lack of pictures, etc. in my posts to this point, but remember how I said yesterday that I had a freak out and removed all my old blog posts a year or so ago? Well I did the same with all my photos, which I kept on Flickr. Also, we changed computers around the same time and I don't have all of our files organized yet. They will come, I promise!

Anyhoodle, I was supposed to have jury duty today. Showed up and it was cancelled. Which is good, cause now I can continue with my life, but I wouldn't have minded it. I am a patriot, after all.

Fitness update: I've only done one 12 mile run since the half marathon I ran a little more than a week ago. I've also not done any other workouts other than walking and weeding and vacuuming and dishing. I tried to wake up for yoga Sunday morn, but guess what - daylight savings happened. I totally forgot to spring it forward, and missed the class like a kid on spring break. Ah well, it happens.

So I'm planning on getting in a weight workout later today, then I have soccer at 11:15 pm. Yes, PM. Sucks. I love playing, but that is awfully late. By the time I get home and showered it will be like 1 am. Then it's impossible to fall asleep cause you're still revved up from the game. Takes a while to come down. Oh well, at least I'll get the fun and exercise, regardless.

All for now. As for later, I'll get you those photos and my race reviews from the halves and full. Stay tuned!

Peace out!

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