Friday, March 23, 2012

First Fone Fblog

Ok, I forgot to blog the past couple days. Busy busy. But now I sit on a patio this gorgeous day awaiting my free Gramaldis birthday 'zza, I decided to give it a go on the phone. I seem to recall a story of Diablo Cody blogging from her phone when she was a stripper and it led to her being hired by hollyweird to write movies. I'm not dancing neekid yet, but who knows what might happen?!? Oh, if there are spelling errors, they are either on purpose or due to typing on an iPhone. Only I know which are witch.
Anyhoodle, all I'm going to say is Go Bobcats! They play unc in a couple hours in the round of sweet 16. I think they can win. I do! Either way it's been a great week of articles, blogs, and FB posts about the school and Athens Ohio. Grea week. I want it to continue against the goliaths of the NCAA. Who deserves it more? Hard working kids who get the short end of the stick or future NBAers livin the easy college ride of recruiting violations and booster pocket donations? Ha! I speculate and jest of course!
Ok, this keyboard is too small. I'm done.

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