Friday, March 16, 2012

Let's Go Bobcats! Let's Go Weekend!

Not much fitness news today, and that's ok, cause my life isn't all about fitness. I like other things, like food, travel, and hacked celebrity cell phone pics. And this is my blog, so I can write about whatever the hecks I wants to. So today I'm writing about this weekend. It's a doozy. First up, the mighty Ohio Bobcats Basketball Team is playing in the NCAA tourny after winning the MAC tourny. They're a 13 seed, but I believe they can pull the upset. That would get this weekend off to a great start.

I went to Ohio and love it to death. Athens, OH is still probably my favorite city...but I won't get into that now. I want to focus on something else: my sports teams have traditionally been bad. Browns, Indians, Mavericks, etc. Most of my life I've only known sports sadness. But it's all starting to change. The Mavs winning the NBA title was the start. I couldn't believe it. One of the happiest moments of. my. life. Then the Football Bobcats won their first ever bowl game. Ecstatic. Now the Bobcats Basketball team has won the MAC and have a chance to do more.

It hasn't been all bad with the bball team. They have had their share of MAC championships, great players, and even NCAA upsets. And I'm extremely grateful. But I want it to continue. I've had a lifetime of sports disappointments, and I am going to revel in the sports happy times.

Back to the weekend. Tonight: Bobcats. AM: 9 mile run followed by train ride downtown to watch the St Patty's Parade. Afternoon: reunion of sorts. After afternoon: Irish pub hopping? If still standing: FC Dallas, Mavs game, who knows?

Sunday it's my birthday. I'm hoping to make it to yoga in the AM, then in the afternoon we're hanging at Obzeet's on their garden patio. Obzeets means "good times", and that's what we'll have.

After that? Hopefully I'll be cheering on the 'Cats in round two of the tourny.

Go Bobcats! Go Ohio!

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