Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Post Race Kcals

So people keep asking me what I splurge on (food-wise) after my races are over, and looking back, I've been pretty lame. After Sunday's half marathon we went to a patio for food stuffs, but I ended up getting the veggie egg white omelet - which by the way, should have a different name cause eggs aren't really veggie, are they?

Anyway, after my half in New Orleans - home to the greatest and richest food in the country - we went to an Irish pub and I got the traditional Irish breakfast - ya know, tomato, eggs, back bacon, blood sausage, etc. Not completely healthy, but not that un healthy either. It's when I walked across the street to get a beer to go that the other runners I ran into asked me what I ate. I was embarrassed to tell them as they had each ordered a large pizza each!

(Me eating a traditional Irish breakfast in Dublin (Ireland, not Ohio))

I thought back to the Disney Marathon in January. After I finished that, we went to the Columbia House restaurant in Celebration Disney. They are famous for their salads, soups, and sangria. I had all three. A salad after 26.2??!!??!! What is wrong with me?

I do remember after running the Dallas Rock n Roll Half three years ago that I went to an Irish pub after and the man sitting next to me told me about this "authentic NYC pizza down the street that reminded him of when he lived in New York". Well, I went ahead and went there, got a large sausage pie and took it home. It sucked. Not good. That guy must have been a Sbarro regular when he lived in New York. I tell you that when I was there this past summer, I went to Lombardi's and it was the best pizza I have ever had - with the possible exception of when I was in Italy, but I'm not's close. Anyway, I guess the point is that when I did splurge, it was a huge disappointment.

(Lombardi's in NYC - oldest and bestest pizza pie in the U of S.A.)

I guess I should do better about cheating after a big race, but for some reason eating a cheeseburger just doesn't sound good when I'm all salty and sore and tired. To make up for it this week, I haven't had a "bad" meal, but I have gotten some potato chips and dips to snack on every once in a while. It's a weakness, and it's not great for you, so I guess that counts.

Not that I'm all healthy, I do enjoy wine, Guinness, and White Russians (the drink, not the humans, though my Russian friends are very nice, I just don't put them in my mouth too often). And can I say (of course I can) that that's one of the reasons I love my new group of running friends...we run hard, then hang out, joke, chat, and enjoy a bevvie or two. Good peeps.

(My friend Ann with the beers at a recent social run.)

Keep on and Keep on.

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