Thursday, March 15, 2012

Something New!

So normally on Thursdays I go to the social run at Luke's Locker. Get my sweat on, then have a beer with the crew. Lots of new friends have been made at that weekly run. I love it. Can't make it tonight though, but I still wanted to run. I could've gotten up early, but if you think that then you didn't read my last post.

I also work out at the gym on Thursdays. I usually do this for my lunch break. I didn't want to skip that either. So here's what I did. The gym is a mile away from work, so I ran there and back. I know, 2 miles isn't much of a run, but at least it's something. I could've gone further I suppose, but I didn't have the right running gear.

One great thing about running to the gym is that it took the place of my warm up. Usually I get on the elliptical or stationary bike for about 10 mins to warm up the muscles and get the sweat started for the workout. But running outside to the gym served as a much better warm up. Only downside was running back to the office, cause it took me a while to stop sweating after I got back!!!

Something new to experiment with!


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