Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So Far So Good!

Today is Griffin's two week birthday, and I'm happy to say that the Dr. gave him a perfect A+ on his health report card. He's grown 3/4 of an inch and gained almost 1.5 pounds! OH, I forgot to tell you in the last post that he was born at 6 lbs 14 oz, and was 20 inches there you go.

So, he got an A+ on his two week exam and passed his hearing test at the hospital when he was born. So far so good. I'm assuming his perfect scores will continue through life and that as of right now he will be accepted to Ohio University...unless Manchester United (or whatever EPL team is in first place in the future) signs him to a lucrative contract...whichever comes first.

As for Griffin, he's adjusting to life on the outside just fine. He eats, sleeps, and craps and pees himself. Then he has a few times during the day where he just kind of opens his eyes and looks around in a real mellow way. He's very strong and when we put him on his stomach, he can already turn himself over.

So that's where we're at on the baby front. I know a lot of people have already come over to visit him, but there are still others who want to but haven't been able...So I was thinking that we should have a party, but the house needs some cleaning up, so maybe we'll tell everyone to meet us at Lochrann's...just gotta figure out when. Yay! Baby's first Irish pub!