Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Clever Title: Travel Blog

OK, I'm going attempt to get this blog going again. In case you had not known, it started out as a fitness blog tracking my marathon and other training routines. Then it migrated to being about just about anything I wanted to write about. Then I got freaked out and deleted all the posts save a couple about when our boy was born. But now I'm getting back in. Here's the deal, this time around it's going to be about travel. Here's why - I've been to a few places and people always ask me for advice whenever they are going to visit the same places. So instead of re-writing the same stuff over and over in emails, I'm going to write it one time, then just forward the links as necessary.

I don't travel nearly as much as I used to, but I still love it. I know places change, and so some of my info may be out of date, but I'll try to keep it relevant. I haven't been everywhere, but the places I have been, I jumped in feet first - or is it head first - whichever is more gusto, that's what I did.

I can't stand to be in a hotel - even really nice ones. I mean, it's OK, but I prefer to be out on the town soakin it up. So I did get some good experience in in whatever amount of time I was in a particular place. For example, one time in Miami I had an extra night to explore, so I drove to Key West and spent it there. It nearly caused me to miss my flight the next day, but it was totally worth it. No regrets, that's a good way to travel. I read once that you should always assume you'll be back to a place and therefore not worry about seeing everything. Good policy, but I always saw it like you may never get back, so see what you can then and now. Of course, you have to keep it enjoyable, but to me, if I have a choice of relaxing in the hotel in NYC or taking a walk to find a pizza place, I'm going for the pizza place...I'll relax when I get home.

I'll try to get some pictures going along with this blog too. I deactivated my flickr account a while back, but I'll see about setting something up to give y'all some reference to what I'm writing about. I'll also try to get some videos up that I took at these places too.

I'm not claiming to be an expert on travel, but I do claim to do my best at it, so hopefully you'll find some of what I have to say useful. Feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have and I'll see about answering them for yous guys.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bloggy Blog Blog Blog

So I decided to delete pretty much all my blog posts. The only ones I kept were the two I wrote when the Grifster was born. I'm also probably going to start the blog over to be all bout travel. I get asked so often where to go and what to do in certain cities, that it'd be easier to just send them a link. So hopefully I can do that and it will be helpful to y'all.
Till then,
Thanks everybody!