Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Kid On The Block

Sorry for the delay, but as you may know by know, we've been busy. Baby's are so needy...geesh! Yes, that's right, baby boy Griffin Depakakibo Evans is finally here. He made his debut Jan. 21, '09 at 3:02 PM. He came out with a head full of hair and a few cries. Moments later he settled down and just kind of looked around while the nurses did their cleaning thing. I was hoping he'd get our laid back attitude, and it seems like he did....OH, before I go on, let me explain the image at the top of this posting~~~~

It's a Griffin. A Griffin is a mythological creature that goes back centuries. It's part lion and part eagle. It is not something to mess with. The image at the top of this post is a full grown Griffin, the image here is a baby one, just like ours:

Anywahoo, my theory that he was waiting for the new administration held true...LOL! The day after the inauguration, or the morning after I should say, Jennie started her labor. She woke me up around 4 AM while she was timing contractions on the computer. We put a call in to the Dr. and waited. When she finally called back, she told us to come on in. We got the hospital around 8 AM and judging by Jennie's progression, they thought he'd be there by lunch.

Well, lunch came and went and still no closer, but then the fireworks started. Jennie was in quite a bit of pain, but toughed it out WITHOUT the epidural or any other drugs or pain relievers. The nurse kept trying to push the epidural on her, but Jennie kept saying, 'No'. Apparently, almost everyone nowadays gets it, but we want to go as natural as possible. We figured it's best for the baby, safest for the mommy, and don't forget the pocketbooks.

Like I said, Jennie did it! She weathered the pain and delivered him the old fashioned way. We were very lucky that Griffin cooperated by doing everything he was supposed to, and also the staff at the hospital was very supportive. Regardless, Jennie is one tough broad. Anyone who can do what she did deserves your respect. She's still in some pain now, but getting better every day. She'll be back at yoga in no time!


As for Griffin, he's doing well too. Strong, healthy, and pretty cool when not screaming...but that's what babies do. We're still adjusting to the schedule...trying to get it somewhat regular, but so far we're just kind of going with the flowing. It still seems like a dream, but we take it day by day and so far so good.

The only bummer is that I haven't taken a nap in over 10 years, so being woken a few times at night is messing with me a bit, but I'm plowing through. Trying to keep somewhat on schedule so my body doesn't get completely out of whack. I haven't missed a workout since he was born, I've been cooking some gourmet meals, and have started watching a new show - House - to make up for them taking Boston Legal off the air. I may go back to work on Monday...but right now I'm enjoying the baby vacation. I don't think I've ever taken time off of work without going on a trip somewhere, so it's kind of weird to be home during working hours, but it's not a bad thing of course. But like I said, one day at a time.

Oh, one thing I'd like to add is how grateful we are to have such good friends and families at this time. Everyone has been so supportive. People have brought over food, done housework for us, or just called or visited to show support. It means alot and we hope to keep it up so all the great people we've brought into our lives over the years will now become a part of Griffin's life as well. It's only a matter of time before we can take him up to toddler tea time at Lochrann's Irish Pub!!!

OK, that's enough for now. More updates to come!

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