Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Firefly Run Dallas 2012

Sorry if you were holding your breath waiting for my latest blog post, but I was busy and had some logistical issues, so it's been a few days. I hope you aren't dead. Anyhoodle, it was another whirlwind weekend! Saturday was the first Saturday in like 9 months when I didn't have to get up at the bootycrack of dawn to go run with peeps. So I slept in all the way to about 8:39. Then I went for a nice little bike ride with a nasty little hill in the middle. Then I spent 5-6 hours pulling weeds. Then we had the Firefly Run 2012.

I wasn't expecting much of this race, but it ended up being a lot of fun. I hadn't signed up for the race because I thought 45 quid was a too much to pay for a 5k, but then my buddy Zack, who did register, couldn't run it - so I wore his chip. To be honest, I did a little pre race tailgating - but like I said, I wasn't expecting much from the race. I knew there were about 7000 people registered and lots of novice/new runners/walkers, so not the best conditions for a PR. So we decided to just have fun with it.

We wore costumes (I wore a cape, lame, but better than nothing) and my friend Mary in the Waldo outift asked to run with me. We didn't want to go too fast, but figured 8-830 mile pace would be good. We ended up running 8:28, so we were right on. Actually, the first mile was very slow due to all the people and walkers and mass of humanity. Lots of dodging and near crashes. After that, it cleared up a tiny bit, so we picked up the pace. I was glad I had Waldo to run with! (see pic at top of post)

After the race, we had a big tailgate at Luke's Locker. That was really good times. Drinks, dancing, twister, etc. We know how to do a race!

Anyway, I need to scoot cause I gots a soccer playoff game in an hour. More to come!


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