Friday, November 9, 2012

New Post, Last Post

So like um, I'm going to restart my blog, but not here. It's going to be over there at wordpress. You can find it by going here: Sorry I've just decided to do it and keep it fresh. Anyway, I used to blog here every day...for years. Then I got freaked out one day about personal info being on the interwebs and I deleted all my posts save one - the one about Griffin being born. But then a couple years later I started up again - even thought it was brief, as I've slacked off severely the past several months. But I miss it, and I've got stuff to say that may entertain and help others. So my last post here will be like the only one I've saved. It will be about the birth of Gwendolyn. That little pumpkin was born June 19, 2012. I'll post the specifics later, but it went pretty well.
It was a great success and the little tyke was quite chill when she came out. Just kind of looked around, she only cried when someone tickled her feet. She really enjoyed her first bath and even fell asleep during it.
She took to eating her milk right away and she had no problems whatsoever going potty right away (in her pants of course). We had lots of visitors at the hospital and it was great to see everyone who cared enough to come! The best visitor was Griffin though. That kid loves his little sister. He's been very gentle with her and loves entertaining her with his wild child behavior.
Oh, as for the name, we wanted something a little different (like Griffin) and decided to keep it old school and Welchy. According to wikipedia, The word "gwen" can mean "white", "fair" or "blessed". The word "dolen" can mean "ring", "bow" or less commonly "brow", "moon" or "hair". Thus, Gwendolyn may mean "White Ring", "Fair Brow" or any other combination. Which is funny, cause you know, she's half Filipino! But whatevs. Funny thing, at the hospital they said there's been a resurgence of really old names lately. I guess we're part of the new trend! Or maybe the originators! Anywhoodle, life keeps going, gotta live it up! Peace!

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